Fundamental issues of our time are our one and only focus.

We are looking for companies on a mission to tackle those issues. Some may for instance leverage innovative technologies to address under-served populations. But what they all have in common is a will to create products or services with measurable impact and to bring systemic positive change to the world.

Our investment focus is articulated around

3 themes that reflect our view on fundamental needs :

Life Essentials, Human Empowerment, Environmental Transitions.

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Life Essentials

Allow individuals, especially the most vulnerable, to live in good health and dignity

  • Health
  • Aging
  • Financial inclusion
  • Housing
  • Nutrition
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Human Empowerment

Enable all individuals to achieve their full potential

  • Education
  • Professional Learning
  • Future of Work
  • Citizenship and Democracy
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Take action to shift towards a post-carbon regenerative economy, with a net-positive impact on the planet

  • Circular Economy
  • Energy
  • Preservation of ecosystems
  • Climate

Early Stage

We invest in seed or Series A rounds of early-stage companies bringing innovative solutions to market to solve a major environmental or social challenge.

We look for teams, product, and go-to-market strategies with strong impact ambition, value-added potential and execution skills.

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Growth & Expansion

We invest in late-stage/growth companies (series B and above) and expansion capital transactions. We support acceleration and development of mission-driven companies whose mission is core to their strategy and business model as well as transformation of more mature companies eager to shift towards mission.

We look for top-level mission-driven teams with strong vision and execution skills.

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What we look for


We invest between 500K€ and 12M€ in companies with attractive growth perspectives and clear differentiation.

We look for sound business models that are scalable.


We are generalist, but our goal is to build a balanced portfolio with exposure to highly resilient sectors such as Health, Education, Professional Training, HRTech, CivicTech, Circular Economy, CleanTech (Energy efficiency, Waste management...)


We invest in France and Europe.

For European based companies, our focus is set on companies for which France is a clear growth opportunity.

Our investment principles

Depth of the need

Is the company responding to a fundamental human need or a significant environmental challenge? Are its clients or potential clients willing to pay to respond to it?

Vision & Intentionality

Do the founders have a clear vision of what they want to bring to society through their business? Are they willing to build a culture driven by the company's mission?


Is the company’s innovation likely to change existing norms or shift a paradigm on its market? Is the product game-changing for society as a whole? Can this change be measured?


Is the company's offer accessible, or potentially accessible, to all and in particular to those who experience barriers in accessing the given good / service?


Are there strong synergies between your business model and your mission? Is the mission embedded at all levels of the company (management, operational)?

No significant harm

Are major social or environmental risks well identified and mitigated?

Capital for farmers

Agriculture is a key pillar to address food, energy and climate change transitions, and farmers are naturally in a central position to tackle these major challenges.

Agri Impact is our first commitment to back farmers. With Fondation Avril assistance, we bring equity in their diversification projects : renewable energy, transformation, short food circuits.

Our mission is also to support them in their agro-ecological transition.

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Social impact contract

The Social Impact Contract (CIS) is a tool intended to promote social innovation through an approach focused on results rather than means. These tripartite contracts involving the State as principal, make it possible to finance innovative programs carried out by associations, increase the social impact on important social or environmental issues, and improve public policies. Launched in 2016 in France, these contracts are the French version of Social Impact Bonds born in the United Kingdom in 2010.

Citizen CIS is the first independent investment fund for social impact contracts (CIS) in France. This fund was launched in partnership with SB Factory

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