SustainCERT is the leading certification platform for carbon emission reduction.

SustainCERT, a spin-off of the Gold Standard Foundation, was created in 2018 by Marion Verles with the ambition to mainstream credible climate and SDG impact accounting and certification.

The company is introducing the first digital certification platform to help save time, lower costs and remove barriers for those seeking certification, thus reimagining a future where issuance of carbon credits and other impact claims become scalable with integrity. By using technology to simplify processes, SustainCERT helps project developers and corporates quantify and verify carbon impact accurately and certify carbon credits and corporate claims in line with leading international frameworks such as Gold Standard for the Global Goals, the Greenhouse Gas Protocol and the Sustainable Development Goals.

With growing international momentum towards reaching net-zero targets, emission reduction commitments are proliferating across governments and corporates, creating a pressing need to mitigate greenwashing through innovative and robust impact verification solutions. Driven by the mission to accelerate progress towards the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda, SustainCERT uses technology to inspire a Race to the Top in the market for environmental impact claims. 

The company’s manifesto explains : “Our role is to make visible what is not, to create trust where there is doubt, to bring simplicity when complexity is everywhere.”

Key numbers in 2021 :  

Over 1200 projects have been successfully supported, spanning across energy, land-use, waste and community services sectors, in more than 60 countries.

14 billion dollars in shared value for climate action and sustainable development

SustainCERT belongs to our “Environmental Transitions” impact thesis. The team is committed with Citizen Capital to make best practice verification (i) affordable, (ii) accessible and (iii) desirable.

  • EntrepreneurMarion Verles
  • Founded: 2018
  • Partnered: 2021
  • HQ : Luxembourg