Supermood provides managers with live intelligence on staff sentiment by dialoguing with them through simple and engaging pulse surveys.

Founded in 2015 by Kevin Bourgeois and Robin Nicollet, Supermood promotes and facilitates social dialogue in companies, by helping executives better understand their employees.

Employee engagement is a social issue managers can no longer ignore. In France, 65% of all employees declare themselves non-engaged, and 50% of all corporate transformation projects fail because of a lack of employee adhesion.

Supermood started off as a content publisher platform with an online questionnaire. Eager to have a real impact on the workplace, Kevin and Robin decided to move to the measure of employee wellness and engagement. Their innovative methodology and their quick questionnaires now have an 80% response rate. Thanks to them, decision-makers can collect reliable information in real time from the field.

80.000+ people respond to a Supermood questionnaire each month

150+ client companies

Professional fulfilment and job satisfaction are major drivers of social wealth. Supermood promotes a new form of social dialog and management allowing managers, decision makers and organizations to take into consideration the needs and personal expectations of all.

Supermood belongs to our “Human Empowerment” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneurs: Kevin Bourgeois and Robin Nicollet
  • Founded: 2015
  • Partnered: 2020
  • HQ: Paris, France