Novo accelerates the energy-efficiency renovation of real estate by providing homeowners with an automated analysis, planning and financing solution for their renovation projects.

Founded in 2022 by Mona Hornung and Julia Wadehn, NOVO is a digital solution for the home energy renovation journey by marketing, online, an energy renovation plan certified by an energy efficiency expert.

In Germany, the energy efficiency expert is the compulsory starting point for renovation work. He or she guarantees the quality of the renovation, compliance with legal requirements and access to subsidies. He or she intervenes both upstream and downstream of the renovation work. Novo facilitates and accelerates the work of these experts, of whom there are only 13,000 certified in Germany, while over 52,000 requests for energy expertise are registered each month on the Federal Energy Agency’s website.

The renovation plan marketed by NOVO requires no home visit, and integrates the subsidies and loans available to individuals directly into its renovation plans. Novo’s mission is to accelerate energy renovation and the real estate sector’s contribution to the fight against climate change.

Novo is in line with our “Regenerative Economy” thesis.


  • Entrepreneurs: Mona Hornung et Julia Wadehn
  • Founded: 2022
  • Partnered: 2023
  • HQ: Berlin, Germany



Citizen Capital has invaluable experience of marketplaces and developing mission-driven strategies. They’re very responsive when we need help on key issues: recruitment, introducing potential partners, preparing boards and so on!

Morgan Hilmi
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