Founded in 2016 by Axel Dauchez, Alicia Combaz and Samuel Berard, is a CivicTech start-up whose mission is to revitalize the democratic process in Europe by massively re-engaging citizens with collaborative and transformative actions for society. 

Society is facing a powerful grassroots movement. More than ever, citizens want to devise solutions and participate in transformative actions, in the name of public interest. To support this movement, has created an independent and non-partisan platform whose purpose is to catalyze the ideas of citizens in order to implement actions that will shape tomorrow’s society. operates through the direct collection of proposals, the establishment of awareness operations and citizen involvement. has become the essential CivicTech player halfway between civil society, central or local political power, and economic forces whose social responsibility is engaged more than ever.

Society’s transformation makes it necessary to quickly deal with various projects that suggest defining together with citizens. 

6.2 million participants

190,964 solutions submitted falls into our “Human Empowerment” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneur: Axel Dauchez
  • Founded: 2016
  • Partnered: 2017
  • HQ: Paris, France



I had the opportunity to set up a CSR strategy for Sodexo Malaysia. I loved working to find sustainable alternatives to counter single-use plastic, manage the food supply of local products and participate to solve the food waste problem. I am convinced that there are so many ways to solve major social and environmental issues. Now as an impact investor, I have the unique opportunity to really go one step further, keep learning on a large range of fundamental sectors and support the entrepreneurs through the prism of impact.

Margot Courcelles