Lalilo is an innovative, visually engaging, standards-aligned literacy software program.

Created in 2016 by three engineers convinced that Education is the challenge of the 21st century, Lalilo is a reading learning app for first and second grade school teachers and their students. This program is used in classrooms and allows students to learn how to read at their own pace and for teachers to manage large classes with growing disparities in level. Thanks to a partnership with the French National Education, the app remains entirely free for school teachers.

When Citizen Capital exited from Lalilo in March 2021, Lalilo’s solution had been used by over 60% of French public classes (CP and CE1) during 2020 lock down.

Lalilo is part of our “Human Empowerment” impact thesis.


  • Entrepreneurs: Benjamin Abdi, Laurent Jolie and Amine Mezzour
  • Founded: 2016
  • Exit: 2021, Renaissance
  • HQ: Paris, France and San Francisco, USA