Kompozite helps architects and construction engineers choose the best building designs and construction materials with the best performance and least carbon footprint.

60 to 90% of a building’s CO2 emissions are related to construction activities. The RE2020 Act has set ambitious goals for the French construction industry with a target reduction of current CO2 intensity levels of 30% by 2030.

Damien Cuny and Boris Gusarov joined forces in 2019 to accelerate the industry’s transition towards sustainable construction designs. The two founders met through Entrepreneur First. Damien has an extensive experience in the construction industry and has witnessed how difficult it is for new products to break through in this market. He partnered with Boris, a first-class data scientist to build the most exhaustive and precise platform on construction materials ever designed in the field.

Amounting to 30% of GHG in France and facing a new challenging regulation, the construction industry must take up many challenges to reduce its environmental impact. The adoption of new construction materials and techniques is one of them .

50.000+ products already in database

100+ different users

30% target in carbon emission offsetting in the construction sector by 2030

Kompozite provides architects and construction engineers with a way to better evaluate and decrease the environmental impact of every project. Kompozite belongs to “Environmental Transitions” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneurs: Damien Cuny and Boris Gusarov
  • Founded: 2019
  • Partnered: 2021
  • HQ: Paris, France