Keon (exit)

Making a positive contribution to the transition of our energy and agriculture systems

KEON is a diversified industrial group in all areas of anaerobic digestion. It supports biogas production projects at all stages of their implementation, from development to construction and operations.

Greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere, soil depletion, water and air pollution are now well documented. Anaerobic digestion, a process that transforms organic matter into biogas that can be used as energy, is a convergence of several of those environmental issues.

Founded in 2005 by Aurélien Lugardon and Marc Bauzet, current group’s CEO and COO, KEON Group is a pioneer in the biogas industry and a French leader on the engineering, procurement and construction markets. The group is supported by a team who brings together various skills needed to properly understand the projects: energy specialists, agronomists, biologists, mechanics, electrical technicians, etc. 

KEON Group offers solutions that are structured around 3 activities: the investment in biomethane projects (Ter’Green), the construction of biogas sites (Naskeo) and the maintenance and operation of biogas sites (Sycomore). The group has set itself the goal of contributing to the development of virtuous anaerobic digestion projects dedicated to territories. By selecting the projects, supporting them, and ensuring their proper implementation over their entire lifespan, the group is committed to a more sustainable future. 

KEON falls into our “Environmental Transition” impact thesis. The team is committed with us to (i) contributing to the development of the biogas industry in France and abroad and (ii) generating a source of additional income for farmers.

  • Entrepreneurs: Aurélien Lugardon, Marc Bauzet and Philippe Spannagel
  • Founded: 2015
  • Partnered: 2017
  • Exit: 2022
  • HQ: Malakoff, France