Karos has developed a carpooling platform to reduce transport-related CO2 emissions and open up areas poorly served by public transport networks, while increasing the purchasing power of carpoolers.

Founded in 2014 by Olivier Binet and Tristan Croise, Karos is a car-sharing app that connects passengers and drivers for short-distance trips. Karos deploys customized solutions for companies and local authorities.

Transport is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in France (31%), more than half of which come from private vehicles. The average vehicle occupancy rate is 1.3 passengers, which poses both an ecological and socio-economic challenge. To meet this challenge, Karos has set itself the task of converting empty car seats into organized transport networks, with the aim of profoundly changing travel habits and transforming everyday modes of transport.

Karos offers an optimized user experience on the app, including pre-configured destinations, simplified connections, as well as intermodal itineraries and pricing. Karos integrates all public transport stakeholders in the massification of carpooling, with its Enterprise and Local Government solutions.

8 million trips made.

1 million users on the platform.

1,000 sites deployed with the Karos Entreprises solution. Karos’ mission is to radically change mobility habits and revolutionize everyday transportation.

Karos is in line with our “Regenerative Economy” thesis.


  • Entrepreneurs: Olivier Binet et Tristan Croise
  • Founded: 2014
  • Partnered: 2023
  • HQ: Paris, France