Hiboo helps companies identify and activate levers for decarbonizing their construction machinery and commercial vehicle fleets.

Founded in 2017 by Clément Bénard, François Jacob and Charles Bénard, Hiboo collects and aggregates data from construction equipment, enabling its customers to measure and improve the efficiency of their fleet. By having access to exhaustive and accurate data, Hiboo customers can rationalize the use of each piece of equipment and thus reduce fuel consumption. Hiboo also enables its customers to effectively measure and communicate the carbon footprint of each job site.

The development of carbon data for the construction sector, which accounts for around 38% of global CO2 emissions, is a crucial first step towards decarbonizing the industry.

Over 60,000 connected devices

80 customers in over 50 countries

Through optimized use of construction equipment, Hiboo reduces greenhouse gas emissions and extends its lifespan. The company is part of Citizen Capital’s “Regenerative Economy” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneurs : Clément Bénard, François Jacob et Charles Bénard
  • Founded : 2017
  • Partnered : 2023
  • HQ : Paris, France