Extracthive is an innovative company dedicated to circular economy, on a mission to produce secondary raw materials by recycling industrial waste.

Industry is responsible for producing the goods supporting our modern way of life. It is a major contributor to the economic growth of our societies. But nowadays, those societies demand more from industry: it is expected to increase the positive benefits of its activity on both the environment and the communities. Sustainable production is a key factor among the various ways to tackle this challenge.

Extracthive offers R&D and industrial services. Its clients can access high-quality feed stock material at reasonable prices, reduce the energy and carbon footprint of their production, preserve primary resources, and diversify their supply chain through regional sourcing. 

With its capacity to innovate, Extracthive is involved in many collaborative and innovative projects on the recycling of complex industrial waste (carbon fiber from composite materials, ceramics, lithium-ion batteries, industrial effluents containing lithium, etc.). Among those projects, PHYre® is an innovative technology that reclaims carbon fibers from carbon fiber reinforced polymers to use them in applications such as sports and leisure, or non-structural parts of automobiles, trains and airplanes.

10,000+ tons of products and waste processed annually 

3 innovation patents filled and a fully dedicated R&D team

Extracthive falls into our “Environmental Transition” impact thesis. Extracthive relies on a skilled and motivated team, which is committed with us on its mission to (i) develop innovative processes in recycling and recovering industrial waste and (ii) contribute to reducing the environmental footprint of the industry. 

  • Entrepreneur: Frédéric Goettmann
  • Founded: 2015
  • Partnered: 2019
  • HQ: Saint-Geniès-de-Comolas, France