Deepki is set on speeding the real estate sector’s transition toward net zero and sustainability, using the power of data and ESG.

Deepki founders, Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet, early on reckoned that real estate was late when it comes to climate protection. They created the company in 2014 with a vision of real estate as a positive force for the planet, and data + ESG as the way forward. 

Real estate generates 40% of energy consumption and is responsible for 38% of CO2 emissions. The industry’s challenge is to deliver value on the business side, while also being ESG compliant. 

Deepki’s founders recognized the multiple challenges facing real estate players in the environmental transition – in terms of regulatory compliance, data insights and financial results. The company takes these challenges and turns them into a performance engine, using the combined strength of a SaaS platform and real estate expertise to make the most of ESG intelligence. Deepki Ready is a state-of-the-art data management and monitoring platform, designed to give real estate stakeholders a better grasp of their ESG performance and help them reach their ESG goals. The company also offers a complete range of advisory and support services (Deepki Success, Deepki Advisory) to assist its customers in developing and following through on their ESG strategies.

Deepki is the only company offering a fully populated ESG data intelligence platform combined with expert advisory services. The company’s end-to-end solutions leverage data to improve ESG performance and enhance the value of real estate assets.

 Deepki falls into Citizen Capital’s “Environmental Transitions” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneurs : Emmanuel Blanchet & Vincent Bryant
  • Founded : 2014
  • Partenered : 2019
  • HQ : Paris, France