Camif is a committed e-commerce website dedicated to local and sustainable home furnishings. was taken over by Emery Jacquillat in 2009 with the conviction that French people increasingly aspire to buy quality products while helping to maintain production and employment close to their home. Camif 2.0 is based on a double innovation: a 100% online sales model and a unique positioning that promotes local and responsible purchasing.

Camif has been for the last 8 years a pionner in emerging as a sustainable brand in the household sector.  with the support of Citizen Capital, Camif has been the first French company to experiment and adopt the legal framework of a mission driven company in France (“société à mission”). The company is known for its leadership in boycott of BlackFriday movement leading 200 companies to boycott. Camif has announced in 2021 giving up selling household products made outside of EU.

Camif Matelsom is part of our “Environmental Transitions” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneur: Emery Jacquilat
  • Re-launched: 2009
  • Partnered: 2013
  • Exit: 2022, Maif
  • HQ: Niort, France