Beeldi is a data-driven collaboration platform between real estate managers facilitating the planning and tracking of ESG-first maintenance plans.

Founded in 2017, Beeldi facilitates technical audits on buildings’ equipments and machineries. Its platform organizes and shares the data collected between facility and asset managers to assist them in designing the most efficient ESG maintenance plans.

Real estate accounts for 38% of global CO2 emissions. Energy consumption represents 40% of those emissions. Recognizing this burden, the French regulator has set an ambitious goal for the industry to reduce by 40% 2010 energy consumption by 2030.

Technical considerations have become central in asset managers ESG, and by large strategic plans, which Beeldi enlightens through granular technical insights.

7000+ buildings

100k+ items audited every month

Beeldi’s mission is to accelerate energy efficiency gains. It is part of our “Environmental Transition” impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneurs: Kévin Le Port, Thomas Feltrin and Anthony Ambrosio
  • Founded: 2017
  • Partnered: 2022
  • HQ: Paris, France