Beebs is a second-hand marketplace which helps parents provide for their children in a more economical, sustainable, and trusted way.

On Beebs, parents can buy and sell any kind of baby and child products: toys, books, clothes, strollers, furniture and more. Beebs is also a community where parents can share tips and discuss child-related topics. Beebs fosters its community by producing content on a large range of subjects such as the arrival of a newborn, money-saving baby gear, or eco-friendly toys.

85% of parents find it economically difficult to have a child

Beebs provides parents from all social classes and statuses with best-in-class equipment for their children. The yearly spend in clothing and equipment is estimated between 600€ to 1000€ per child. Beebs allows parents to access products that are up to 80% cheaper compared to newly manufactured goods.

The start-up is Paris-based and founded by two young fathers, Morgan Hilmi and Arsène Huot. Early June, the team closed a 3M€ seed round with Citizen Capital, Isai and well-known business angels.

Beebs’ figures less than a year after the launch of their marketplace prove undeniable traction with 700,000 active users, 900,000 active listings and over 2.5M listings published since the launch. User cohorts also demonstrate promising retention and repeat rates.

Beebs falls into both our “Life Essentials” and “Environmental Transitions” impact theses.


  • Entrepreneurs: Morgan Hilmi and Arsène Huot
  • Founded: 2020
  • Partnered: 2021
  • HQ: Paris, France



Citizen Capital has invaluable experience of marketplaces and developing mission-driven strategies. They’re very responsive when we need help on key issues: recruitment, introducing potential partners, preparing boards and so on!

Morgan Hilmi
Cofounder at Beebs